Finally! This Tool gives you the simplest way to save your life from Vehicle Accidents in 1 Minute or less without being trapped inside your car

  • ✓ ESSENTIAL LIFE SAVER – Facing the most unpredictable and dangerous situations when traveling in your car with confidence is made possible through the 6-in-1 Car Emergency Tool. This is a tool you must have in your car.
  • ✓ 6-IN-1 AUTOMOBILE SURVIVAL KIT – Having this auto disaster escape tool is like having a well-trained lifesaver assisting for you. 
  • ✓A LIFE-SAVING GIFT IDEA – Help save the precious lives of your loved one by giving them this affordable yet essential lifesaving tool. This car hammer will let them know how much you care and value their lives.

6 in 1 Car Emergency Tool is for every Car Owner/Driver who wants to escape whenever they experience being trapped in car emergencies or accident even without any professional equipment.

Anytime you’re involved in a car accident there’s a big chance that you will be trapped, you can’t open the door, your seatbelt stuck and you can’t do something about it.

Worst is that without the right tools you will remain grounded. The longer time you waste will increase the risk of losing your life. Which means you’ll end up losing hope trying to get out from that misfortune!

What makes this even worse is the fact that the Emergency Response Team may take some time to arrive. 

And, worst of all, many Car owners and Drivers can’t get past the idea that this tool will not be needed right now. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and you’ll never know when you may get in a situation where you’re stuck inside your car.

All this can make trying to save your life from a car entrapments miserable!

But luckily for you, there’s now a solution!

So, if you’re a Car owner or Driver and who really want to escape from being trapped in a car accident but don’t have the expert equipment to use, “6 in 1 Car Emergency Tool” is the answer you’ve been looking for!

What our customers say about our product...

Love it!!! It helps me feel safe…

Love it!!! It helps me feel safe… Nagmalfunciton electronics ng sasakyan ko, hindi ako makalabas. Kaya nagpanic ako. Ang tool na ito ay napaka beneficial kung mangyayari ulit yun. I love the multifunctionality. Lightweight sya at napakadaling gamitin…


I would recommend this for anyone who drives…

Kumuha ako para sa pamangkin ko. I love it so much kaya kumuha na rin ako para sa sarili ko. Nandito na lahat kailangan mo in case may emergency all packed na into one device. I would recommend this for anyone who drives.


Everyone should have one…

This is in our car after we saw a young woman drowned in a flash flood because the electrical system in her car failed and she could not get her windows down. Everyone should have one.

– Richard 

Emergency Car Window Breaker

It enables you to break a side car window in times when needed faster and easier than ever before.

Seat Belt Cutter

Stuck by a jammed seat belt that can make you immovable and can’t get out? Fret No more. Seat Belt Cutter makes it so you can cut that jammed seat belt and get out quickly!

Flashing Hazard Lights

An easy to use Flashing Hazard Lights that acts as a powerful signaling device for roadside assistance and first responders just like the pros use!!!

Powerful Magnetic Base

This will give you the power to mount your Car Emergency Tool anywhere metallic in your car just like the most adhesive SUPERGLUE!

Loud Whistle

This tool enables you to attract attention from nearby in case you need help even without losing your voice from shouting.

White LED Flashlight

Trapped in a dark area which makes you afraid and paralyzed?  White LED Flashlight solves it! Lighten up your way with ease even in dark areas.


So if you want to be prepared in case of emergencies,  able to easily break a side window, cut a jammed seat belt quickly in the case of car entrapment, able to have a powerful signaling device… then this is the most important Car Toolkit you’ll ever purchase!

The 6 in 1 Car Emergency Tool is an amazing new Car Emergency Tool that helps every Car owner drive with confidence knowing they have the right tool to use in times of need. Having this car escape tool handy in your car can one day save your life and will make you drive confidently.

Grab yours today and start to drive feeling safe and confident! – Order NOW!