portable pressure washer 220v/12v

The “Must-Have” Revolutionary Pressure Washing Device

If you want to wash your car or motorcycle on your own, then you need this product. Let’s you efficiently remove dirt and grime by it’s powerful water jet. It’s pressure is strong enough to clean but is mild enough for the safety of your vehicle’s paint. Your life will be easier if you use this tool that would save you time and effort.

If you want a pressure washer you can use anywhere, then this product is for you. You won’t have to go to a car wash services every-time you need your vehicle cleaned. If you are in a place where there’s no car wash services, then this product will come in handy.

This is a multi-purpose cleaning tool. You can wash you garage, water your garden, clean your comfort room, remove stain on your wall, wash your vehicle and many more! Just imagine the things you can do with this Pressure Washer.

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Easy To Assemble

The video shows how to assemble the pressure washer. Here are the 6 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the inlet and outlet ocvers
  • Step 2: Inset the inlet pipe on the cap hole then plug into the suction of the motor pump – and seal shut the connection.
  • Step 3: Insert the O-Ring on the male connector then cover seal.
  • Step 4: Connect the Outlet hose on the discharge hole of the motor pump using the male and female connectors.
  • Step 5: Connect the water gun (or the spray brush) on the other end of the outlet hose connector.
  • Step 6: Connect the power supply either 220v or 12v and switch on.

Can be plugged on a 220v power source and can also be powered by your car battery via car cigarette plug provides you the ability to wash your car anywhere – you can just plug it at your home or use your car to power it wherever you want … faster and easier than ever before

Saves water and has low power consumption provides you the ability to save money by having lower water bills, lower electricity bills and ultimately win by letting this pressure washer do the work for free instead of giving it away to car wash service shops – Easily

Handy carrying case ensures you can keep all this pressure washer parts in one convenient place which means no matter where you are, you can take care of any dirt your vehicle may get just like pro People who love thier vehicle clean do

Ergonomic handle design gives you the power to use the tools to clean your motorcycle or your car which means you’ll maintain a firm, safe grip even if your hands are wet – With Ease

Easily adjustable water pressure gun enables you to see exactly which pressure suits your work best. You can use the wide range spray or the precise shooting spray to eliminate hard to remove dirt in a snap

Reason 1: Switch Socket Design

You can use 220v home socket power supply or you can switch it to 12v power supply from your car battery – simply plug it to the car cigarette.

Reason 2: Strong anti-pressure outlet pipe

Can withstand pressure up to 50kg, adopt high quality material and the production process of the glue line, use the ambient temperature of minus 20 degrees to 60 degrees.

Reason 3: Intelligent Shutdown

intelligent over-volatage protection system,automatic testing water pressure, when the nozzle is closed, inside the pump pressure increases, the machine will automatically stop running, is to protect the motor and pump from over-pressure damage and save electricity.

Reason 4: Double Filtration

Double protection, to provide you with greater security, in order to prevent blockage of the filter screen, regular cleaning of the filter screen.

Reason 5: Quick Connector

Fast plug design, easy to operate, plug and play, save time and effort.

Reason 6: Storage Bag

Easy to receive and clean parts after use, so as to better use next time.

Reason 7: Food grade high quality silica gel inlet pipe

The customized specification is 11.5mm*8mm, with a thickness of 1.75mm. It does not absorb or shrink, is not afraide of folding, is very flexible, and can effectively reduce the noise of car washing pump. Applicable temperature: 60C to +220C.

Reason 8: New upgrade point cigarette power cord

The built-in fuse will not be damaged due to the unstable current of the water pump, and will not hurt the car battery. It is safe and reliable, and the contact is more stable.

Reason 9: With a car wash brush

It is convenient to use and can be rinsed while wiping, providing more convenience for your car cleaning.